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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Setlist for a Sunday

So this Sunday I had someone passing through town -- an old friend's new husband, a guy I'd never met. All I knew about him was that he works for a (famous) software company and "is as picky about his music as you are."

He called at 6:45 am from the airport, and was at the old doorstep less than an hour later. I, barely awake, opened the door. I had one of my "early morning disks" playing -- a set of Hancock and Shorter duets called 1+1.

As he walked in, he asked what it was. I told him. He expressed his appreciation, first for the music and then for the rig it was playing on. I began to warm to him (ah flattery). He said that a big drawback of a good system is that they bring out all the imperfections in old recordings. I said yes, but nowadays they're releasing some excellent remastered versions of these old recordings. I pulled out my brand new Fillmore West 1969 set. We sat and heard disk 1 through in silence.

The next few hours were a roller-coaster, as we pulled out disk after disk after disk -- I from off the shelves and he from within his laptop. It was an exciting morning -- like I told his wife when we called, "We're both having fun. No one's talking." This list is roughly the sequence in which things happened. The ones marked with * were his.

- Hancock and Shorter 1+1
- GD: Fillmore West 1969 disk1
- Wayne Shorter Quartet: Beyond the Sound Barrier
- Andy Summers: Peggy's Blue Skylight* (Mingus covers)
- The Persuasions: Black Muddy River
- Charlie Hunter: ?? (some tracks)*
- Steve Kimock Band: 10-01-2005, disk2 track1
- Larry Coryell and John McLaughlin: Spaces Revisited*
- Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey: Just Add Water* (drums and two bass)
- Hellborg / Lane / Sipe: Personae
- Prasanna: Ragabop*
- John Scofield: Still Warm*
and finally winding up the day with the Miles Davis 40 minute Isle of Wight set from the A Different Kind of Blue DVD, and as that finished we walked out and I dropped him off in a cab.

It's not quite true that no one talked. The conversation was good too. He told me about something called the marketplace for attention -- a new idea that's capturing a few imaginations around the tech world. We talked about my consumer-psych perspective on it. Maybe I'll follow some of the links he sent me, and think about it a little more.

Meanwhile, in case you're interested, there's this.


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