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Thursday, July 31, 2008

ali's world

The exhibition was great and the book is now available online and should be in major bookstores across India in a few days. Rahul has a review up already. Many thanks to those who helped spread the word (especially zigzackly!)

Check it out, everyone -- it's more than just a bunch of (amazingly) "pretty" pictures; it's a story that needs telling.


Blogger MockTurtle said...

Loved the pictures on Rahul's blog. You can see a prodigious amount of latent talent in the themes he selected.
When are you in town next, Prof? Haven't seen you in a while.

8/02/2008 2:32 AM  
Blogger Tabula Rasa said...

thanks, i agree.
not sure when i'm back. i'll call you one of these days.

8/03/2008 8:23 PM  
Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I feel bad I couldn't make it to the launch.
Shall roll around to Oxford today and pick up a copy.


8/05/2008 1:03 PM  
Blogger Tabula Rasa said...

yes, it would have been great to see you. but oxford! feels good to know that the book will be there :-) let me know if it's not available so i can raise hell with the publishers.

8/06/2008 3:47 AM  

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