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Friday, January 16, 2009



Under the bean



Lookin' for Lou


Don't walk

Closed for business


Points of interest

The Japanese Room

At the Art Institute


Blogger Veena said...

These are awesome! Danke!

But Prof, if you had actually crossed that Don't Walk intersection and walked a block, you could have also shot a picture of the El no? Sometimes you just have to keep walking.

1/18/2009 4:07 AM  
Blogger sattva said...

very impressive!

1/19/2009 2:30 PM  
Blogger Tabula Rasa said...

thanks guys :-)
veena, i did keep walking, and did get to shoot a few of the el. it's noisy.

1/20/2009 10:21 PM  
Blogger Salil said...

Hell of a city, TR. Lived there four years, and loved almost every minute (bar the brutal winters).

Definitely miss it now that I'm out in the Connecticut countryside.

2/06/2009 12:48 PM  
Blogger Tabula Rasa said...

indeed. thought of you as we passed the iit campus.

2/07/2009 8:30 PM  
Blogger Salil said...

BTW TR, are you still around the Boston area? Drop me an email (first& at your leisure - just that I might be headed in that direction next month.

2/15/2009 2:20 PM  
Blogger Tabula Rasa said...

nope, unfortunately, i am no longer there and don't know when i will be there next.

2/24/2009 12:07 AM  

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